Monday, November 19, 2007

Catullus and Brangelina

In Novembers issue of Life and Style, the cover story is about the struggling relation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Life and Style claims that Brad is "sick of feeling ignored as Angelina frequently leaves him in the dust." Apparently, at the Beowulf Premiere, Angelina was quick to leave Brad as she talked with reporters and other friends. Brad began feeling neglected as everyone was fawning over his spouse. This tift reminds me of Catullus' poem 8. Carmen 8 is when Catullus and Lesbia are breaking up. "Nunc iam illa non quae fugit sectare, nec miser vive" which is translated "Now she desires no more...and do not chase her who flees, nor live in unhappiness". This is exactly the situation that Brad feels as though he is stuck in. Brad and Catullus feel that "she" is sick of them and both are tired of chasing as well as living in such depression. At the end of Carmen 8 Catullus decides to break up with Lesbia and tells himself, "At tu, Catulle, destinatus obdura" which means "But you, Catullus, be resolute and stand fast." This is what Brad needs to tell himself as well. Maybe next month Brad will have told Angelina "Vale puella"

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